About Wyke Farms

As we proudly declare, all Farmhouse Cheddar made at Wyke Farms still follows Ivy Clothier’s original recipe. But in recent years, cheesemaking has been transformed from a labour intensive chore to a streamlined production process. However, the traditional art of cheesemaking hasn’t been lost in the gleam of polished stainless steel and the glistening cool efficiency of our plant’s impressive technology.

We still make cheese in individual batches which are constantly monitored by the master cheesemaker, to ensure the quality is guaranteed. Our promise to our customers is, that in our modern dairy we will continue to produce one of Somerset’s finest foods.

But it's not just to win prizes, but to make Cheddar that will be savoured by many generations to come.

To learn more about us and our cheese, visit wykefarms.com.